Apache Beaver Colony meets on Wednesdays from 6-7pm, and is run by Ivan Gideon assisted by Alice Benham, Chanel Harley and Sandra Newbery.

We do our utmost to live up the the beaver motto of "Fun and Friends!"

Beavers have a varied programme focussing on areas such as Beliefs and Attitudes, Community, Fitness, Creativity, Global, and Outdoor and Adventure.  We also take part in activities and outings with other Beavers in the local area.
Recent activities have been aimed at the Creative Challenge.  With it being Olympic year, we are currently working towards healthy eating and fitness activity badges, with the fitness challenge badge coming soon!

Other events coming up...

Group Family Camp, 6th-8th July.  We are delighted to hear that several Apache families have signed up for this.  If previous family camps are anything to go by, we are in for a really good time.  If you have any queries regarding this camp please speak to one of the leaders.  Obviously good weather would make things easier but camping in any weather has never stopped 1st Hook enjoying themselves!!

September 2012, exact date to be advised.  The highlight of Apache's year - our very own SLEEPOVER!!  Plans are already underway and the leaders are very excited!!  More info to follow soon.

You may have noticed that we currently have the help of James from the scout troop.  We hope to have other members of the troop helping us from time to time.  As part of the requirements for their Chief Scout Gold Award, scouts provide a period of service to the community.  The usually choose to do this with one of the beaver colonies or cub packs, though occasionally with other clubs or community groups.  As well as helping the scouts learn a sense of community and responsibility, we feel their involvement is of benefit to the beavers, bringing fresh ideas and energy to activities.